Remove 404 Page From Google

Remove 404 Page From Google - Did you recognize that you simply will raise Google to get rid of such pages from the search engine results?

404′s can normally vanish from the search results once every week or few however if you would like to expedite the removal you'll use the tool below:

If successful you ought to expect the search result to be entirely removed with twenty four hours, typically alittle longer.
Troubleshooting Google’s Removal Tool

Getting a page to retort with a “404 not found” message is good as they're normally terribly straightforward to get rid of from the search results.

google webmaster tool

Problems sometimes occur due to the subsequent reasons:
You inputted the incorrect url into the Google removal tool, you would like to place the url (web address) of the page – not the Google search results page.
The page isn’t a real 404. Use this tool, it'll take a look at the page and tell you the true header response, you're longing for a 404 – if you see a two hundred or a redirect then you almost certainly cannot use the removal tool.
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