Google Search Tricks

Google Search Tricks - I’m invariably amazed that additional folks don’t recognize the insufficient tricks you'll be able to use to induce additional out of a straightforward Google search. Here are ten of my favorites.

1. Use the “site:” operator to limit searches to a specific website. i take advantage of this one all the time, and it’s notably handy as a result of several site’s built-in search tools don’t come the results you’re longing for (and some sites don’t even have a groundwork feature). If I’m longing for WWD posts concerning GTD, for instance, I may do that search: GTD

2. Use Google as a spelling aid. As Rob Hacker — the WWD reader I profiled last week — realized, coming into a word into Google may be a fast thanks to see if you've got the correct spelling. If it’s incorrect, Google can recommend the proper spelling instead. Additionally, if you would like to induce a definition of a word, you'll be able to use the “define:” operator to come definitions from numerous dictionaries (for example, define: parasympathetic).

3. Use Google as a calculator. Google encompasses a built-in calculator — strive coming into a calculation like a hundred and ten * (654/8 + 3). Yes, your laptop conjointly encompasses a calculator, however if you pay most of your day within a browser, typing your calculation into the browser’s search box is quicker than firing up your calculator app.

4. Find out what time it's anywhere within the world. This one’s extremely handy if you would like to form certain that you’re not phoning somebody within the middle of the night. simply seek for “time” and then the name of the town. for instance, try: time San Francisco

Google Search Tricks
5. Get fast currency conversions. Google may do currency conversion, for instance: one hundred pounds in greenbacks. If you'd wish to convert minor currencies, make sure to be specific concerning the country. So, if you would like to seek out out what percentage nuevos soles your greenbacks would possibly get, you'll try: one hundred greenbacks in Peruvian nuevos soles.

6. Use the OR operator. {this can|this can|this could|this may} be helpful if you’re gazing researching a subject however you’re undecided that keywords will come the knowledge you would like. It will be notably handy in conjunction with the “site:” operator. for instance, you'll do that search: GTD OR “getting things done”

7. Exclude specific terms with the – operator. you'll be able to slender your searches using this operator. for instance, if you’re longing for data concerning yankee Idol however don’t need something concerning Simon Cowell, you'll try: “american idol” -cowell

8. Search for specific document varieties. Google will search the online for specific sorts of files using the “filetype:” operator. If you’re longing for PowerPoint files concerning GTD, for instance, you'll try: GTD filetype:ppt

9. Search inside numerical ranges using the .. operator. Say, for example, you would like to appear for data concerning Olympic events that occurred within the 1950′s, you'll use this search: Olympics 1950..1960

10. Area code lookup. ought to recognize where a phone range is located? Google can allow you to recognize where it's, and show you a map of the world, too. For example: 415

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