Removal Malware On a MAC

Removal Malware On a MAC - While most viruses don't have an effect on Macintosh computers, malware will cause issues on your pc if accidentally downloaded whereas browsing the web. Malware, additionally called malicious software, could be a program which will record your web activity (spyware), bombard your screen with advertisements (adware) or hide the installation of different dangerous programs onto your pc (rootkits). so as to get rid of malware on your Macintosh pc you will need to buy or download an anti-spyware program and complete a full system scan to detect and erase the malware. 2 common anti-spyware programs are iAntivirus and ProtectMac AntiVirus.

        1. Click the "iAntiVirus Free Edition" link,a and click on "Download Now" to download the appliance at

        2. Open your "Downloads" folder and double-click the "iantivirus.pkg" file to run the installation wizard. Click "Continue," "Agree" and "Install" to put in the software.

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        3. Open your "Applications" folder and double-click "iAntiVirus" folder and double-click "iAntiVirus" icon.

        4. Click the "Scan My Mac" button. Check the box next to "Normal Scan" and click on "Start Scan." Once the scan is complete, check the boxes next to the found malware and click on the "Remove Selected" button.
 take away Malware with ProtectMac AntiVirus

        5. Download "ProtectMac" from the link in Resources.

        6. Double-click the downloaded file in your downloads folder and follow the onscreen directions to put in the software.

        7. Click "Finder," "Applications" and double-click the "ProtectMac Antivirus" folder and icon to run the appliance.

        8. Click the onerous drive you would like to scan on the left aspect of the appliance window.

        9. Click the "Scan" button to start. Once the download is complete, click on the malware found within the search results section to spotlight it, and click on "Delete File" to get rid of the malware.

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