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Delete Google Search History - You may have noticed that once you kind a research into Google’s search box, a listing of previously looked for terms are displayed. These previous searches aren't saved by Google, however are literally saved by your internet browser through a feature referred to as "AutoComplete".

AutoComplete is employed by most major internet browsers, together with web Explorer and Firefox, to help users in filling out internet forms and performing internet searches. With the AutoComplete turned on, the browser keeps track of knowledge that you’ve recently typed (such as internet addresses, kind information and search queries), makes an attempt to anticipate what you're typing and offers potential matches.

This means that once you begin typing in an exceedingly Google search box, a dropdown list of previosuly searched terms will seem. With increasingly a lot of internet users involved concerning privacy on the online, it's no surprise that keeping one’s Google search history personal has become a very important issue for several.

To manually delete your saved Google searches (AutoComplete history), you'll be able to perform the subsequent steps:

Internet Explorer 7:
 Open web Explorer
 From the Tools menu, choose web choices
 opt for the tab labeled General
 underneath Browser History, choose Delete
 Next to create information, opt for Delete forms…
 Click Yes

Internet Explorer 6:
Open web Explorer
From the Tools menu, choose web choices
opt for the tab labeled Content
underneath Personal data, choose Autocomplete
choose Clear Forms
Click Yes

Open Firefox
From the Tools menu, choose choices
opt for the tab labeled Privacy
choose Clear now…
place checkmark next to the box labeled Saved kind and Search History
Click Clear personal information currently

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