Tips Using the Google Removal Tool

Tips Using the Google Removal Tool - If anyone desires to get rid of a page from the Google search results, the primary step is build contact with the location owner or administrator and ask them to take down the full page from the web. If they refuse then asking them to get rid of the offending keywords would be following best step. it is then simply a case of expecting the search engines to update their databases and flush out the recent content.

Most search providers will update their results after per week or 2, betting on the popularity of the page.

Google really supply a public removal tool that anybody can use. it is 100% automated and will check the web page to ascertain if it's content has changed or if the page has been taken off the web.

There are a few of choices in the removal tool and each will have a slightly totally different outcome. the following is a helpful guide to sending a removal request to Google via this tool:

Option 1 - this feature is for people who have already contacted the location owner and now see a "404 page not found error" when they go to the page. this feature may be used if the location owner has added a specific piece of code to the location telling Google not to index it.

If successful, you should expect Google to fully remove this url among a few of days. If there are duplicate urls on the website then you'll got to send separate requests for each url.

google removal tool
Google Removal Tool

Option a pair of - this can be for those of you who couldn't get the location owner to take the page down or get that piece of code inserted to the page. this feature is simply for pages that have been altered so they no longer contain the offending keyword(s). a good example would be a defamatory page that once contained your name however no longer does.

If successful Google will remove the "cache" and also the snippet of text that seems in the search results, they'll not remove the whole link, see possibility 1 for that.

Option 3 - this can be where you can find a link to the varied Google legal forms. Here you can request a take-down of specific content, like a web site that's adult in nature, is spammy and contains your name. It can take up to 10 days for Google to action a call for participation via these forms.

Option 4 - this can be the form want} to fill out should you wish to get rid of adult content from the Safesearch enabled results. this can be the fasted way to remove an adult image from the Safesearch set of results.
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