How to Remove Virus Protection

How to Remove Virus Protection - Virus and spyware software are legitimate threats to any laptop connected to the online. Rogue spyware could be a sort of program that takes advantage of people's concern of malicious software by performing faux system scans and warning users of infections that do not exist. 
The "Virus Protection" program, that is additionally referred to as "Anti-Virus Protection" or "XP Anti-Virus," is one in all these rogue spyware tools that may cut down your laptop and build constant faux warnings. Removing the software is barely a matter of deleting the files it downloads to your laborious drive.

Instructions Remove Virus Protection :

1. Clean up any programs and windows that are currently active on your screen. Unplug your network's wireless router or disconnect the network cable from the Ethernet port on the rear of your laptop.
 2.  Hit the "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Del" keys to remark the Task Manager screen. Click the "Open Task Manager" button. Click the "Processes" tab at the highest of the window.

3. Select the "AVProtectionSetup.exe" entry and select "End method." shut the opposite Virus Protection files "AntivirusProtection.exe" and "Uninstall.exe."

4. Navigate to the "Search" box within the "Start" menu. look for every of the method files you clean up within the Task Manager. Right-click and delete all 3 files.

5. Click the "Computer" icon within the "Start" menu. Navigate to the "Program Files" folder on the "C:\" drive. Right-click and delete the folder named "Porno TubeXXX."

6. Return to the "Start" menu and enter "Regedit" within the "Search" box. Click the "Regedit" icon listed below the "Programs" heading within the search results.

7.Click the "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" folder within the list of folders at the left aspect of the registry editor window. Navigate to the "Software" folder. Delete the folder named "AvScan."

8. Navigate through the "Software" sub-folders named "Microsoft," "Windows," "CurrentVersion" and "Run." Delete the worth at the correct finish of the window named "System."

9.Back out of the folders to the most space of the registry editor and click on the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" folder. Click "Software" and delete the "AntivirusProtection" folder.

10. Open the sub folders named "Microsoft," "Windows," "CurrentVersion" and "Uninstall." Delete the "Antivirus Protection" folder and restart the pc. Plug in your wireless router or plug within the network cable you disconnected earlier.

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